Show YouTube Video Upload Date

Fix the YouTube UI and show full
upload dates next to every video
The browser extension is compatible with
✔️ Google Chrome
✔️ Chromium
✔️ Brave
✔️ Microsoft Edge
✔️ Vivaldi
✔️ Opera
What is a browser extension?
YouTube video date extension

A browser extension (sometimes called a plug-in or add-on) is installed inside your web browser and you'll normally see its unique icon displayed in the top right of the browser window like in the screenshot above.

Extensions add new functionality to particular websites when you visit them. When you browse YouTube with the Show YouTube Video Upload Date extension installed, the extension finds text for relative dates beside videos and seamlessly replaces them with full dates.

YouTube date
Free Extension
Basic date formats
  • - 3 Mar 2023
  • - 25 Sept 2023
  • - 1 Jan 2024
Show YouTube Video Upload Date extension
With $1/mo Upgrade
Custom formats, show the time and show comment dates
  • + 2024-04-01
  • + Thu 3 Mar 2023 2:45pm
  • + 2011-10-05T14:48:00.000Z (ISO 8601)
  • + 1 hour ago (3 Mar '24 13:00)
  • + Any other custom format
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"Been using the extension for a while and the extra $1 for the time on the date just makes it really useful as I use it for screen grabbing to collate data for marketing research"

Show YouTube Video Upload Date reviews Marc Cameron

"This extension is awesome - it works super quickly! I just got the new upgraded version, and I now get to see the time of the uploads as well - it's amazing and it's exactly what I needed! Thank you for this awesome tool! :)"

Show YouTube Video Upload Date reviews Karla Zero
How the paid upgrade works

After you sign up for a subscription using the link in the extension popup, you will receive an email from payment processor Stripe with a Receipt Number.

Click the YouTube date extension Show YouTube Video Upload Date icon at the top of the browser, enter the Receipt Number into the popup window and press Validate.

It could take a few minutes for your Receipt Number to be added so if it shows an error, please retry after a few minutes.

You will be sent a new receipt for every monthly payment, but you don't have to keep re-entering the new Receipt Numbers. Your extension will be kept in a validated state automatically.

YouTube upload date extension

You will then be given access to custom date and time formats in the popup window.

Show YouTube upload date extension

You can create your own date and time format using Custom Date and Time Codes.

Your subscription can be cancelled at any time using the "Manage Subscription" link in the popup or the top of this page, or by clicking here: Manage Subscription.

The email address entered when creating the subscription should be used on this page.

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